Software wylerCHART – intelligent – very easy!

The fascinating part about wylerCHART is its easiness: connect the sensors, launch wylerCHART, select the sensors and press START.

SW wylerCHART will replace the software LabEXCEL. All those functions which our customers appreciate with LabEXCEL are available in wylerCHART as well; among others:

  • Difference of 2 sensors
  • Continuous measuring or measurement at certain interval
  • Values are automatically saved in a .csv file



Contrary to LabEXCEL the number of sensors is not limited with wylerCHART. Furthermore the measured values can be integrated, respectively averaged. wylerCHART fulfils all requirements for standard measuring tasks. Those who have to solve more complex tasks, can always upgrade to the software wylerDYNAM.

Option to upgrade to wylerDYNAM:

Those who have to solve more complex tasks can always upgrade to the software wylerDYNAM.





After the testing period the user has to buy a valid licence in order to continue to use it. He then receives either a validation key for one specific PC or (against a surcharge) a Hardware Dongle. The Dongle provides the option to install the same software on several computers and to move the Dongle to the PC on which the software is used.

Remark: wylerCHART is an integrated part the software wylerDYNAM. This is the reason why the software to be downloaded has the same name “wylerDYNAM’. The functionality is afterwards defined by the Dongle:

  • with a Dongle for wylerCHART only the functionality of wylerCHART is available
  • with a Dongle for wylerDYNAM the full functionality of wylerDYNAM is available


  Flyer – wylerCHART

   Manual – wylerCHART

  Release notes for wylerDYNAM  / wylerCHART

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