ZEROMATIC 2/1 + 2/2 inclination sensor


The two-dimensional ZEROMATIC 2/1 and 2/2 inclination sensors are perfectly suited for any application where monitoring of the smallest changes in absolute inclinations over a longer period of time is required. The extremely high accuracy is achieved by measuring and compensating for any drift of the absolute „zero“ by applying an automatic reversal measurement at defined intervals.

The ZEROMATIC 2/1 inclination sensor has one inclination sensor. Each reversal measurement will provide one set of precise and absolute inclination values in the X and Y axes.

The ZEROMATIC 2/2 inclination sensor has two inclination sensors. It can therefore provide continuous values for the  inclination in X and Y axes. At defined intervals it will perform a reversal measurement and compensate for any offset.

Typical applications are:

  • Monitoring of critical machines
  • Monitoring of buildings, bridges or dams
  • Defining absolute zero references e.g. for radars
  • The instruments have the following features:
  • High-precision mechanics for the automatic reversal measurement
  • Rugged precision aluminum housing for protection against external influences
  • LEDs showing the status of the instrument
  • Data transmission to PC/laptop
  • Optional connection to a portable BlueMETER SIGMA display unit

Calibration Certificate:

ZEROMATIC 2/1 and 2/2 inclination sensors can be delivered with an internationally recognised Calibration Certificate against a surcharge.

Tags: electronic

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