Gage Blocks

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In 1871, at the foundation of the German Empire and during the
introduction of the metric system, Mahr was already supplying
dimensional standards to the weights and measurement office of
several individual German states. Today, the measurement
standards such as gage blocks are the basis of dimensional
metrology, they are used as a setting standard for an indicating
measuring instrument or applied in the calibration laboratory as
a reference standard. Due to our accreditation from the PTB –
Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (German metrology
institute providing scientific and technical services) and the
careful selection of the materials we use, we can grant you the
highest possible quality!

MarGage Product Overview

MarGage Rectangular Gage Blocks (Steel and Ceramic)
according to DIN EN ISO 3650

MarGage AGD Masters / Setting Standards for indicating
measurement instruments

MarGage DIN Pin Gages, Setting Standards, Thread Gages and
Checking Plug Gages

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