MarForm MFK 600

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Where even high-precision CMMs find the going tough, the MFK 600
impresses with its unique capabilities.

  • No-compromise mechanical design
  • All form parameters can be measured
  • Diameter and distance too
  • Accepted as the reference in the industry
  • Saves money due to automation


The Formtester MFK 600 consists of cleverly designed
interchangeable modules which guarantee flexible application and
easy adaptation to any measuring problem. The Formtester rests on
a vibration and distortion free granite base. Its highly precise
horizontal surface forms the datum for measurement. The workpiece
loading table, with its air bearings, supports and guides heavy
workpieces on the granite base.

  • Universal form measuring station with large measuring
  • 5 measuring and 2 alignment axes for the measurement of form
    and position
  • Rotating probe and automatic component positioning ensure
    easy handling and rapid alignment
  • Air bearings reduce maintenance and provide continuous
  • Safety probes prevent damage and enable multiple
  • Large loading area for large components or groups of
  • Roundness unit with automatic adjustment to the diameter,
    even with uncentered work-pieces
  • Straightness measurements in the 3 main axes (Z, X, Y)

Roundness measuring unit
The roundness measuring unit consists of the measuring spindle
(C-axis) and an axis for automatically setting the probe to the
diameter of the workpiece. With roundness measurements, the
r-axis moves the probe along the workpiece contour, even for
eccentric deviation exceeding the probe range.

Straightness measuring unit
The accuracy of the horizontal straightness measuring unit is
guaranteed irrespective of the size, shape and weight of the
workpiece, by the fact that the load air bearings and the guide
bearings are separated from each other. Moreover, the vertical
straightness unit (Z-axis) guides the roundness measuring unit
along a granite surface.

Alignment axes (A and B)
Integrated into the workpiece loading table for aligning
workpieces automatically within the measuring volume of the

Measuring Performance
Automatic alignment functions permit continuous operation.
Measurement data processing parallel to measurement data
acquisition greatly reduces measuring times. An extensive
programme of accessories completes the universal measuring system
and extends the range of application,
e. g. into surface roughness.


MFK 600 – especially suitable for checking motor blocks, cylinder
heads, transmission cases, elements of hydraulics, crankshafts
and camshafts. Workpiece evaluation as per ISO 1101.

  • Form measurement on cylindrical features (cylinder bore,
    crank bore, shafts): roundness, straightness, cylindricity
  • Form measurement on flat features (seals and planes on head,
    block, thrust face): perpendicularity, straightness, flatness,
    total runout
  • Distance measurements possible: cylinder bores, valve guides,
  • Diameter measurement possible: bores, pins, bearings
  • Additional movement axes, e. g. rotating the workpiece during
    the measurement, can be added any time. With these additional
    axes even the most complex measuring problems e. g. series
    measurements on V-shaped motor blocks can be performed fully

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