MarForm MFU 800

Product Details

High-precision form and position tolerance checking system for
laboratory and measuring room

  • High precision automatic form measuring station for
    comprehensive evaluation
  • Large measuring volume
  • High loading capacity (high performance) up to 1000 N


  • Motor-driven measuring axes allow fully automatic
  • Evaluation of roundness, radial run-out, axial run-out,
    concentricity, coaxility, total radial run-out, total axial
    run-out, cylindricity, straightness, parallelism,
    perpendicularity, angularity, flatness, conicity, line form,
    position (DIN ISO 1101), cone form, diameter
  • Evaluation as per ISO 1101
  • Automatic CNC workpiece alignment
  • Evaluation and filtering conforming to standards
  • 3 high-precision measurement axes: roundness C, straightness
    vertical (Z = 500 mm) (19.685 in), straightness horizontal (X =
    200 mm) (7.874 in). Each axis with high accuracy incremental
    scale system


For more than 30 years, the MFU series has set the standard in
precision form measuring tasks and is the instrument of choice
when producing high-precision fitting parts with tolerances of
< 1 µm (39.37µin), e.g. injection components and
brake pistons, and for calibrating gages.
Tags: CMM

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