MarForm MFU 100

Product Details

Reference form measuring station of a new dimension. To be used
in the measuring room or directly on the shop floor.

  • Highest accuracy
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Shop floor use
  • Fully automatic measuring sequences


MarForm MFU 100 offers performance and possibilities in the
reference class which in the past were only possible with much
larger investments.

Thanks to its active air-conditioned cabin, the machine can also
be used on the shop floor. Shorter distances and a faster
intervention into the production process control reduce your
costs and optimize the quality of your products.

A high degree of automation is achieved through themotorized
centering and leveling table, which is a component of
Formtesters, and the use of the motorized T7W probe.

Because of the complete separation of machine control and profile
evaluation, the MFU 100 is easily expandable and ready for the
future. The addition of other languages or special
evaluations is possible, as well as the implementation of new
standards. The MFU 100 is already prepared for the use of new
sensor technologies.

The MarWin software package offers all the features of a modern
measurement and evaluation software. As a matter of course,
impressive records and the electronic documentation on company
networks are also available.

  • Maximum measuring accuracy
  • Software package MarWin
  • Future-proof


Evaluation of roundness, radial run-out, axial run-out,
concentricity, coaxility, total radial run-out, total axial
run-out, cylindricity, straightness, parallelism,
perpendicularity, angularity, flatness, conicity, line form,
position (DIN ISO 1101), cone form, diameter.

  • Compact measuring volume, loading capacity up to 200 N
  • Dynamic compensation of each measured data point minimizes
    the measuring uncertainty of the system
  • Low measuring uncertainty maximizes the efficiency of

Tags: CMM

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