Gauge Block Comparator 826

Product Details


  • Rigid cast-iron stand, making the unit temperature
  • Vertical slide with upper probe easily adjustable.
  • Fine adjustment via rigidly connected parallelogram
  • Electropneumatic lifting.
  • Extremely smooth manipulator operation due to slideways,
    which are impervious to dirt.
  • Measurement not influenced by manual force.
  • movement of the gage blocks due to support consisting of
    hardened circular guide bars.
  • No zero setting required, since the set value is
    automatically related to the nominal value of the respective
    reference gage block.
  • Very effective protection from heat due to an acrylic glass
    screen along the front and both sides of the unit.
  • Penetration correction.
  • Correction of differing thermal expansion coefficients.
  • Computation of mean values.
  • Calibration program for gage block measuring unit.
  • Parallel measurement of several sets.
  • Stabilization of temperature.
  • Stabilization of vibration.


The 826 gage block measuring unit enables quick and reliable
high-precision testing of gage blocks.

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