Precimar 828 CiM

Product Details

Its unusually high measuring precision, the high measuring
speed, novel measuring procedure and its operating comfort assure
the 828 CiM its top position amongst the universal measuring


  • Superb performance data, measuring runs of unique perfection
    and high-quality computer technology allow quality management
    that far exceeds the EN 29 000… and ISO 9000 guidelines. The
    motorized CiM 500 and 1000 allow user-friendly, fast, reliable
    measurement with uniquely low measuring uncertainty.
  • Operation is simplified through position-controlled driving
    of the measuring slide (by joystick) with progressive deflection
    characteristic, automatic contact detection, automatic
    recognition of outside and inside measurements, and
    computer-aided detection of reversing points.
  • Immense savings in time through high measuring slide travel
    speeds and motor-driven vertical movement of the support table.
  • Almost unlimited application flexibility due to the software
    supported possibility to measure the testing devices which are
    most often used in practice.
    Machine control, data recording, processing, logging and
    transfer using powerful, menu-driven software.
  • Minimum measuring uncertainty due to the use of bearings for
    all slides supported by the machine bed; the support of the
    measuring spindle over a spring parallelogram which is free of
    both play and friction; electronic regulation of measuring forces
    and automatic contacting. These factors allow subjective
    influences to be minimized and unintentional collisions with the
    testpiece prevented.
  • Highest measuring certainty due to single-level measuring
    value generation, exact compliance to the Abb© comparator
    pinciple, high-grade incremental path control system. Correction
    of systematic deviations and reduction of random deviations all
    result in a measuring uncertainty MPE of (0.055 + L/1500) μm
    (L in mm). (At 20.0 °C in inspection room, class 1 VDI/VDE
  • Measuring force can be easily set and compensation of
    thermally induced dimensional deviations switched on and off by a
    software click

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