Precimar PLM 600-2

Product Details

High-precision length measuring machines for the monitoring of
inspection devices

  • Secure operation
  • Important elements of the measuring procedure are conducted
  • Based on world-wide current standards


  • The Precimar PLM 600-2 was developed to measure testing
    devices and suitable workpieces from different areas of
    production in a user-friendly manner, quickly, realiably and with
    the smallest uncertainty possible.
  • The Precimar PLM 600-2 includes a 5-axis object support table
    with sensitive adjustment and 25 kg loading capacity, a
    state-of-the-art PC-based multiple-axis machine control system
    with PC workstation, as well as the 828 WIN ‘Free Measurement’
    basic software. Every machine receives a Mahr calibration


  • Operation is simplified through position-controlled driving
    of the measuring slide (by joystick) with progressive deflection
    characteristic, automatic contact detection, automatic
    recognition of outside and inside measurements, and
    computer-aided detection of reversing points.
  • Immense savings in time through high measuring slide travel
    speeds and motor-driven vertical movement of the support table
    (optional) and an optimized software.
  • Almost unlimited application flexibility due to the software
    supported possibility to measure the testing devices which are
    most often used in practice and more.
  • State-of-the-art machine control, data recording, processing,
    logging and transfer using powerful, menu-driven software.
  • Minimum measuring uncertainty due to the use of aerostatic
    bearings for all slides supported by the machine bed; electronic
    regulation of measuring forces and automatic contacting. These
    factors allow subjective influences to be minimized and
    unintentional collisions with the testpiece prevented.
  • Very high measuring certainty due to single-step measuring
    value generation, exact compliance to the Abb© comparator
    pinciple, high-grade incremental path control system. Correction
    of systematic deviations and reduction of random deviations all
    result in a measuring uncertainty MPEE from (0.085 +L/1500)
    µm (L in mm). (At 20.0 °C in inspection room, class 1
    VDI/VDE 2627)
  • Compensation of thermally induced dimensional deviations can
    be easily switched on and off by a software click.

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