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Fowler’s Long Range Dial Calipers—combines microfine graduations, the protection of a covered rack and the accuracy of a hardened stainless steel rack.

• Dial hand completes one revolution per each .100″, large dial—easy to read graduations
• Inverted covered rack prevents dirt accumulation in rack gear teeth. Self-contained movement eliminates gear misalignment.
• Exclusive dual pinion drive mechanism reduces wear on rack and pinion
• Beam graduated in .100″ increments
• Thumbroll for rapid setting
• Hardened stainless steel throughout with measuring faces precision ground and microlapped for exceptional accuracy
• Depth rod on both models
• Knurled lock assures precise settings
• Adjustable dial reads directly to .001″

Range: 0-18”³
Graduation: 0.001”³
Accuracy: 0.001”³ per 6”³
Jaw Depth: 3.125”³

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