Trimos Mini-Horizontal System 53-190-012

The Fowler/Trimos Mini-Horizontal is a complete system for accurately measuring small internal and external sizes with a single gage.

Sylvac’s electronic measuring system is recommended for use with the Mini-Horizontal because of its proven operational reliability. The display unit is the positive answer to a variety of measuring problems. In order to satisfy the demand of quality in production, a direct two-way RS232C data output allows connection to a printer or computer.

Mini-Horizontal Construction

• Monoblock construction with probe guide track.

• Adjustable end-stop with anvil location.

• Control knob for the displacement of the guide track of the monoblock (probe release).

• Adjustable measuring pressure device.

• Location for different measuring features, i.e. electronic probes or indicators, 8mm diameter.

• Interchangeable measuring anvils for external measurements (53-190-019 anvils—6.5mm diameter with tungsten carbide tipped measuring surface   are supplied as standard).

• Interchangeable measuring inserts for internal measurements (53-190-020 Inserts—4.5mm diameter, rounded, are supplied as standard).

• Vertically adjustable table for internal measurement, hard chromed and ground surface, supplied as standard.

Internal measurements:   .24”³ – 4”³ (6 – 100mm) depending on accessories used.

External measurements:   0 – 4″ (0 – 100mm). The effective measurement allows a range of 1”³ (25mm) which corresponds to the range of Sylvac probe No. 54-618-500.


External measuring range  is increased by displacing the end stock (direct zero setting or setting of a preselected value)


Internal measuring range  is increased by displacing the measuring inserts (setting of a preselected value according to a ring gage)


Accuracy:  Within .00006″ (1.5µ) — corresponds to accuracy of Sylvac probe  No. 54-618-500


Resolution:  Using Display Unit D50S No. 54-618-148, the resolution is .0001”³ or .00001”³ (.001 or .0001mm)

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