Boreview Inspection Set 52-660-777-0

Now internal inspection in any industry can be made quickly and easily with Fowler’s new bore viewer. 

Its compact size and built-in illumination make our bore viewer fully portable. Combine that with stainless steel construction, a magnifying glass and inspection mirror, and you get a top quality internal inspection viewer that can be used anywhere in a wide variety of applications!

• Use for inspecting bores, cavities, threads, undercuts, raceways, surface finish, tools and intricate assemblies.

• Views bores from 1/8″ in diameter and up.

• Stainless steel construction.

• Mold makers-perfect for inspecting passages and cavities.

• Maintenance-inspect many industrial problems on-site and avoid disassembly.

Each Kit Includes:

Battery-holding handle


Illuminated probe (3″ long x .120″ dia.)

3X magnifier (3/4″ dia.)

Mirror (3/8″ dia.)

Spare bulb

Shop-hardened case

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