9-10″ Inside Tubular Micrometer 52-236-010-1

Fowler’s 0—1″ travel Tubular Inside Micrometers—with ranges from 2″ through 12″—measure inside dimensions precisely and accurately.

• Carbide faced measuring tips are spherical to make positive point contact against the inside wall surface
• Anvil and spindle are hardened and precision ground with microlap finish on ends
• Spindle thread hardened, ground & lapped
• Accuracy: .00032″
• Microfine graduations (.001″) on a satin chrome finish permit easy reading
• Positive locking nut on all models except #52-236-003-1
• Each micrometer can also be used as an adjustable linear standard bar within each range
• 0—1″ travel on all models
• Quick, easy zero adjustment on the sleeve
• Meets or exceeds Federal accuracy specs
• Price includes a wrench and a case
• It is recommended for optimal accuracy that the inside micrometer be calibrated by a gage blocks or ring gage

Range: 9-10”³
Graduation: 0.001”³
Accuracy: 0.00032”³

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