87 Piece Rectangular Steel Metric Gage Block Set 53-671-053

• Grade Ø
• Constructed of a special steel of high carbon & chrome content, hardened to 65RC, ensures hard wear resistance and stability.

• Manufactured under carefully controlled conditions to ensure maximum accuracy, parallelism and flatness.

• Calibrated to Fowler specifications which meet or exceed ASME B89.1.9-2002.

• Sets include certification traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology.

• Surface finish: .4 millionths (.01 microns).

• Price includes fitted wood case

Blocks included in each set:
2 Blocks 0.5mm to 1.00mm
9 Blocks 1.001mm thru 1.009mm insteps of .001mm
50 Blocks 1.01mm thru 1.50mm in steps of .01mm
17 Blocks 2mm thru 10mm in steps of .5mm
9 Blocks 20mm thru 100mm in steps of 10mm

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