Shore D Portable Durometer 53-762-002

Fowler’s Portable Durometers conform to Shore scale and are just right for testing the hardness of flexible materials such as rubber and plastics.

• Manufactured in accordance with DIN, ASTM, ISO and JIS specifications, two styles are available in both analog and digital readout.


• Price includes reference test block, operating instructions and wooden box.


Applications: 35° blunt taper Durometers are suitable for testing soft and natural rubber products, neoprene, polyesters, soft P.V.C., leather, thiokol, nitril rubbers, wax, felt and more. Sharp 30° point Durometers are ideal for testing hard rubber, hard synthetic materials, e.g. acrylics, glass, polystyrol, thermo-plastics, printing rolls, vinyl sheets, cellulose acetates, densified wood, etc.


Durometer Bench Stand #53-762-010—intended for use with 1 kg loading for Shore “A’ scales and 5KG loading for Shore “D’   scales. This concept of a low physical force lifting a fixed mass is ideal for both laboratory and production applications. Maximum height of piece to be tested 5.12″/130MM.  

Type: Shore D
Penetrator: Sharp 30° point
Graduation: 1 Shore
Location Area: .629”³ (16mm) ø
Height: 3.425”³/87mm
Weight: 350 g

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