Anyform Magnetic Base 52-585-200-0

Adapts to even intricate surfaces to make this an extremely versatile magnetic base.


• Versatile—70 steel segments work like a contour gage to fit mag base securely to any shape or form.  

• Unlock the cam mechanism and magnetic segments will conform to any odd shape.  

• Rigid one-piece construction with permanent powerful magnet holds securely.  

• There’s no longer any need to make extra fixtures to set indicators.  

• Unlimited versatility—used with coolant systems, lamps, etc.  

• Side arm clamp holds all AGD dial indicators and all test indicators with a 1⁄4″ dia. stem.

Base Width: 2-1/4”³
Base Height: 2-1/8”³
Base Depth: 1-3/4”³
Lbs. Pull: 40

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