V-Block Set 52-475-555-0

The Fowler Universal-type V-Block is a precise tool used for layout work in the toolroom and has the capability of holding square or round workpieces with greater accuracy.


• Two clamps, with screw hole at 90 degrees for positive clamping of work, are included.

• Clamping capacity=2″(50mm.)

• V-Blocks are constructed with stepped grooves which allow the clamps to be inserted without protrusion, thus allowing V-Blocks to be used on base, ends or sides.

• Hardened steel.   All sides of V-Blocks precision ground parallel and square within .0004″.

• Matched pair of V-Blocks are perfectly aligned with 90 degree V-grooves ground central and parallel to the sides and base.

Height: 2”³
Length: 2-3/4”³
Width: 2”³

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