11 x 4 x 3 machining vise 57 226 411 0

Fowler precision N/C vises have bi-directional 11⁄16″ keyways ground in the bottom to allow rapid installation and automatic alignment.   These precision vises will bolt easily onto N/C, milling, EDM or other machines.   All four sides are slotted to provide a multitude of clamping possibilities.

Both the fixed and moveable jaws are stepped to permit the effortless holding of pieces as small as 1⁄2″ x 1⁄2″ or as large as 7-1⁄2″ x 8-1⁄2″, depending on the model.   This offers more capacity than comparable vises on the market today due to a new angled channel.   All jaw opening changes can be accomplished without unbolting the vise from the work surface.



• Bodies and moveable jaws are solid one piece construction.

• Can be purchased in pairs with matched accuracy to .0001″ or .0002″

• Hardened to: RC58-62.

• Flat, square and parallel to .0003″

Dimensions: 11”³ x 4”³ x 3”³
Capacity: 7-1/2”³
Jaw Height: 1-7/16”³

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