13 Micro Accurate Ceramic Dial Gage Stand 54 618 578 0

Fowler’s ceramic and steel stands with rack and pinion design affords maximum accuracy when using high resolution electronic gages and probes…a must when highly critical measurements are required.

Highly durable ceramic base for Greater Accuracy over the life of the stand.

Special Features:

• State of the art ceramics provide durability and micro flatness.

• Serrated working surface provides a stable and accurate reference base.

• Working area:

54-618-576 3-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ (85mm x 85mm).

54-618-578 4″ x 4″ (100mm x 100mm).

• Polished chrome column with rack and pinion adjustment for fine measurements.

• Accepts all electronic and standard dial gage and electronic probes 3⁄8″ or 8mm mounting.


*Indicator not included with stand

*Image shown for representational purposes only

Working Area: 4”³ x 4”³ (100mm x 100mm)
Base Height: 2-1/4”³
Base Width: 4-1/2”³
Base Length: 7”³

Overall Height: 13”³
Measuring Range: 8”³/200mm

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