Chrome Flex Mag And X-Proof Ip54 Black Dial Face Indicator Set 52-585-455-0

Flex Arm Mag Base features:
• Corrosion resistant chrome plated flex arm
• 85 lb. pull magnet
• Holds rigidly in almost any position.
• V-base for mounting on rounded surfaces.

Magnetic Indicator Back features:
• Use for positioning the indicator on most metal surfaces.
• Protective coating

X-Proof Black Face Indicator features:

• Robust, shockproof design
• Travel: 1″
• Reading: 0.001″
• Continuous reading: 0-100
• Tolerance markers
• AGD Group 2, 2-1/4″ dia.
• Lugback and carbide point
Protection includes:
• Rubber bellows on stem
• O-ring seal on safety cap
• O-ring protection for bezel and rotating dial
• Sealed back plate

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