Tri-Occular Stereo Zoom Microscope 53-640-877

Fowler offers a variety of Stereo Zoom Microscopes. While the microscope is in focus, the magnification may be changed to suite the specimen. The zoom objectives of the instrument change the magnification continuously, covering a range of 7X—45X or 7.5X—34X (with standard 10X eyepieces).  


Stereo Zoom Microscopes are used in the electronics and precision machine industries for assembling and inspection of products. They are suitable for micrography and observation of fine structure of irregular bodies because of their high resolution and clear imaging within a broad field of view. They are also suitable for educational purposes in schools and hospitals and in agriculture, forestry, medical service, geology, archeology and biology fields.


Like our 53-640-777, but with an adaptor to connect 35mm cameras that feature a standard “T” lens mount and an additional 2.5x eyepiece for photographic purposes

• Crisp and erect images with high resolution provide an excellent stereoscopic effect.   Two zoom control knobs on each side of the head and their horizontal axis make operation easy.  

• Includes 10X eyepiece with wide field of view (linear field of eyepiece is 23mmØ).

• The binocular observation tube inclines 45°.  

• Interpupillary distance can be adjusted over a wide range of 55—77mm and the diopter adjustment range from less than -5 to more than +5 for easy viewing.  

• Stereo Zoom Microscopes include 10X eyepieces and both transmitted and surface illumination.  


*(With camera adaptor feature shown. Camera not included)

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