4Mm Probe Set For The -Trimos V3 – V6 Height Gages 54-199-105-0



Hemispheric probe

Probe with pin (plus 4 additional pins)

54-199-502-0 Disc-shaped insert Ø 7.7mm

Disc-shaped insert Ø 11.5mm

54-199-503-0 Corner insert 1mm

Test indicator tip Ø 1mm

Test indicator tip Ø 2mm

Test indicator tip Ø 3mm

54-194-948-0 Measuring insert holder for: M2.5, M1.6, M1.4

54-199-507-0 Insert holder L=80mm M2.5

54-197-508-0 Insert holder 90° L=80mm Ø 4mm

54-199-512-0 Measuring insert holder Ø 1mm

54-199-509-0 Ruby Ball Probe Ø 2mm

Ball Probe Ø 1mm

54-199-510-0 Knife-edged measuring probe L=88mm

54-199-019-0 Holder with reduction 8mm/4mm

54-194-935-0 Swivel holder Ø4/Ø8mm

Key for ball insert

Hex wrench 1.5mm

Hex wrench 2.5mm

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