30 Articulated Arm Magnifying Lamp 52 630 133

Fowler’s magnifing lamps are designed for demanding jobs in laboratory, quality control, inspection and assembly functions.

Only the finest clear crown optical glass lenses are used for less distortion and true color rendition. Illuminated magnifiers provide hands-free viewing for greater detail and reduced eye strain. No exposed springs means less parts to wear out and replace.


Both models are U.L. listed, have 3-conductor cords, come standard with 4.5″ diameter  

3-diopter lens and 22 watt circline bulb.


• 3-Diopter lens = 1-3/4 X

• Offers three different mounting methods:

Screw tightening

Angle support plate

C clamp

• Base made of engineering plastic, are absolutely insulated, giving maximum safety without electric leakage interferring machine control circuits.

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