Analog Rockwell Hardness Tester 53-770-600-0

A high quality precision instrument that uses the Rockwell A, B, C and F scales for measuring hardness. A reasonably priced solution for those requiring precision and durability.


•  Standards: EN-ISO 6508 and ASTM-E18

•  Resolution: .5 Rockwell unit

• Test loads: 10 kgf preload/60, 100, 150 kgf load

•  Rockwell scales: A, B, C, F

•  Testing space:  Vertical = 6.7″/170mm,  

Horizontal = 6.5″/165mm (from centerline)

Accessories included:

•  Diamond Rockwell indentor

•  Rockwell ball indentor 1/16″

•  ±60HRC Hardness test block

•  ±25HRC Hardness test block

•  ±85HRB Hardness test block

•  Flat anvil 60mm ø

• Large flat anvil 150mm ø

•  V-anvil 40mm ø

•  Adjustable feet

•  Protective spindle cover

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