Sylconnect Software – Next Generation Metrology Software

SylConnect is a next generation metrology software. It consists of the following key features:

Modern Touchscreen Interface:

• Simple to use user interface designed mostly for Touch Screen devices. All operations can be performed without a mouse or keyboard; numerical values such as tolerances can be entered using contextual keypads and text can be entered via on-screen keyboard. Alternatively, a user can still enter values using keyboard and mouse if a touch screen is not available.

• Simplified Data Export to Spreadsheets is achieved by embedding a component (an ActiveX control) into the target spreadsheet. The control takes care of guiding visually the user throughout the configuration of the export profile as well as capturing the data during the measuring session.

• Plug and play tool recognition with USB cables. Expandable to 16 tools using standard USB hubs.


Flexible Measurement Handling:

•  Multiple visual representations, tolerance indicators, analog gauge and Bar Chart.

•  Various measurement modes including application based (DIRECT), instrument based (BLIND) or timer based

•  Multiple measurement captures: actual, min/max, average etc.

•  Sequential measurements with visual and audio sequence indication

•  Measure controls can be alternatively invoked by:

•  Keyboard short keys as found commonly in many applications.

•  Association with a physical device such as a foot pedal.

•  Interaction with the on-screen commands with the mouse or Touch Screen.

•  Direct interaction from the instrument (SET button).

Touch Screen based Canvas configuration:

•  Simple screen configuration based on a select and touch to position widgets on the screen.

•  Multi-mode function buttons save screen real-estate, decrease the complexity of the interface and improve the operation ergonomic.

•  SylConnect supports Inspection concepts by allowing user to associate a measurement profile to inspection data including part pieces and drawing characteristics.

•  Fixture and operation details.

•  Any other user defined variables to be exported to spreadsheet.

•  Highly configurable display area with measure display that can be moved and rearranged at will.


Multi-Operator Operation,

•  Designed to identify independent measure control device (foot pedal) and notifications to support deployment of a single SylConnect system managing a number of connected operators each performing independent measures.

•  Multiple language support and customization.

•  Windows XP and Windows 7 compatible.

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