0-.500″/12.5Mm Mark Vi Electronic Indicator With Bluetooth Technology 54-530-335-0

Integrated Bluetooth Technology offers output without the hassle of cables or antennas hanging from the indicator. Your USB port is all you need.

• Robust construction
• Water and coolant resistant
• Protection class IP-67
• Repeatability: 2µm
• Battery life: 10,000 hours of operation
• Menu customizable with free software.
• Wide range of functions (MIN/MAX/DELTA, TOL, Factor, Preset. Auto Off, etc)
• Aluminum housing
• Bezel rotates 270°
• Large display with LED tolerance indicators.

• Lifetime Warranty
• Includes lug back

• Range: 0-.500”³/12.5mm
• Maximum Error: 0.00012”³/.003mm
• Resolution: 0.00005”³/.001mm

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