Economy Dial Gage Stand For Lug Back Indicators 52-580-020-0

This Fowler Economy Dial Gage Stand is budget priced, but has the essential features for proper work inspection.  



• Accepts all lug-back indicators.

• Positive lock screw

• Column is 5⁄8″ from back edge of working surface.

• Column diameter: 1″

• Fine adjustment: 3⁄8″

• Capacity of 6-1⁄2″ from working surface.  

• Bracket with 1⁄4″ bolt for dial indicator is 2-1⁄4″ from center of column.

• Fine adjustment knob for zero setting.

• Rapid preliminary positioning adjustment is featured.

• Ground steel post mounted at right angles to the base.

• Ground working surface 5-1⁄2″ x 4-1⁄4″

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