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Fowler’s 0”‘22″ Dial Depth Gages comes with six interchangeable rods with a 0—22″ capacity, carbide contact point and 2 extra points for small applications. Provides rapid measurement of hole depths.

X-Proof Special Features:
• Coolant, fluid and dust resistant to IP54 Specifications.
• Sealed bezel, top cap and dial with bellows on stem
• Sealed back plate

Other Features:

• Measurements automatically registered directly on dial face in .001″ graduations.   The dial indicator can be easily adjusted for zero setting.
• Graduation: .001″
• 0-1″ travel indicator
• Accuracy of the dial indicator meets Federal specifications
• Rod extensions of 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″ are included. Rods can be connected together for a full 0—22″ capacity.
• Includes 2 extra points for small hole applications; one 0.078″ dia. x 1″ long and one needle point x 1″ long.
• Base is hardened steel, ground and microlapped for accuracy
• Standard 4-48 thread removable carbide ball contact point
• Rack spindle and pinions are hardened stainless steel to ensure long wear and continuing accuracy.
• Includes shop hardened case

Range: 0-22”³
Graduation: 0.001”³

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