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SPC Express for Windows is a fast, easy-to-use, professional statistical process control software package. It is true 32 bit application software package and was designed to be used by both novices and experts alike. It runs on IBM PC or compatible computers using the Windows 95/NT operating system.

What makes it special?  


Ease-of-use is one of the key features of SPC Express for Windows. Just a few quick clicks of your mouse and you are ready to enter data and view a graph. It takes advantage of the standard  


Windows graphical user interface (GUI) that is universally known and used throughout the computer industry. Its popularity is largely due to its speed, intuitive operation, beautiful charts and on-screen graphs.


What makes its main features?


• Standard Windows GUI interface.

• Query based reporting engine that lets you display or print all SPC charts based on almost any criteria you wish.

• Versatile data entry from the keyboard or electronic gages.

• Uses an Access compatible data base for maintaining records of your shop floor data and inspection information.


• Customizable traceability fields for data entry and reporting.

• Variable charts including X-Bar R, Individuals and Moving Range, Histograms and more!

• Attribute charts including P, U, N, C   and Pareto charts.

• Excellent indexed User’s Manual with a Tutorial that will have you up and running in minutes.

• Full network compatibility. (Requires user license for each station.)

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