015 Ultratast Test 52 568 005 0

Great value and German Quality!

UltraTast Horizontal Test Indicators (stylus moves at right angle to dial)


• Box-type housing opens on one side only. Bottom and  side walls are one piece construction which encloses and protects the movement from shocks and damage.

• Self-contained movement easily removed and replaced for maintenance and repair.  

• Jewelled movement bearings, precision gears and pinions for maximum sensitivity and accuracy.

• Satin-chrome finish is corrosion proof

• Stylus: ball diameter .080″(2mm)  

• Swivel range 220° on all models

• Color-coded dials: inch-white; metric-yellow

• Include 1/4″ & 5/16″ Dovetail clamp

Range:   ±.015”³
Readings:   0.0005”³
Dial Diameter:   1.083”³
Stylus Length:   0.453”³
Measuring Force:   0.15 N

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