0 2 mm Girod Horizontal Test Indicator 52 563 253 0

The ultimate in Swiss workmanship, Fowler-Girod Indicators are internationally respected as “The Best.”

All Fowler-Girod Indicators meet or exceed Federal Specifications for accuracy. Their exceptional design and quality assures you a lifetime of accuracy and total reliability.



• Monobloc body design has 7 fine jeweled bearings isolated in a shock-proof assembly  

  separate from the outer body and cannot be influenced by external pressures.

• Independent, interchangeable movement transmits measuring value via rack & pinion.

• Rugged anti-magnetic one-piece housing is satin-chrome plated to resist corrosion.

• Auto-reverse mechanism with adjustable ball bearings, provides ultra-smooth action.

• Carbide contact points (1⁄2″ length) can swivel over 210° to reach any location.

• Universal mounting: dovetails supplied at top, front and back for proper set-up.

• Adjustable bezel and dial easily set and reset to zero.   Microfine graduations on dials.   Your choice of dial diameters.

• Replacement points: .040″ No. 52-567-101-0; .080″ No. 52-567-102-0 and .120″ No. 52-567-103-0.

• Replacement dovetail clamping stems: 7⁄32″ diameter No. 52-565-091 and 1⁄4″ diameter  

  No. 52-565-092.

• Price includes indicator, fitted case, carbide contact points (see chart), and two dovetail clamping stems: 7⁄32″ and 1⁄4″ diameter.


*Image shown for representational purposes only

Range:   0.2mm
Dial Reading:   0-100-0
Dial Divisions:   0.002mm
Dial Diameter:   28mm
Point Length:   12.5mm
Dia. Points Included:   1, 2 and 3mm

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