Deluxe 20/40X Stereo Microscope 53-640-902-0

Fowler’s Deluxe Stereo Microscope is an excellent, high quality optical system in a small body with both top and bottom illumination.

Used on a daily basis as an inspection tool, the Deluxe Stereo Microscope is applicable in diverse fields ranging from electronic, food, inspection, chemical, metallographic, metallurgical, ceramic, textile and to the fields of medicine and biology, geology, mineralogy, paleontology, archeology and more.


Standard equipment includes 2X and 4X objectives, 10X eyepiece and two 12 volt illuminators (one surface or top illuminator and one transmitted or bottom illuminator with on/off switch).  


• Wide field eyepieces are mounted in 45° inclined eye tube with interpupillary distance adjustable from 2 to 3″ (50 to 75mm).

• Sharp image definition.

• Two sets of paired objectives. 2X and 4X mounted in 180° revolving turret with positive click stop — parfocal and parcentered.

• Optional eyepieces available to increase magnification to 80X.

• Two 3.5″(95mm) stage plates provided. (Reversible white/black and clear.)

• Rack and pinion focusing

• Dust cover included

• Pair of rubber eye cups included

Eyepiece Objective Magnification Working Distance Field of View            
   10X    2X        20X    3.15″ (80mm) .40″ (10mm)

   10X      4X        40X    2.24″ (57mm) .20″ (5mm)

   15X      2X        30X    3.15″ (80mm) .30″ (7.5mm)

   15X      4X        60X    2.24″ (57mm) .15″ (3.75mm)

   20X      2X        40X    3.15″ (80mm) .20″ (5mm)

   20X      4X        80X    2.24″ (57mm) 10″ (2.5mm)

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