0-6″ Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer 52-401-221-1

Fowler’s Interchangeable Anvil Micrometers are very popular in machine and auto repair and for all other applications requiring a versatile micrometer. Each micrometer is equipped with a series of easily interchangeable anvils to fulfill the ranges listed. Standards are also included to accurately adjust the required range.

• Hammertone blue baked enamel frame.
• Graduations (.0001″) are microfine on satin chrome for easy reading.
• Each anvil is fitted with an adjusting collar to set the overall dimension.
• Spindle thread is hardened and precision ground with microlap finish in carbide tipped measuring faces.
• Ratchet stop ensures exact readings.
• A wrench is included for fast, easy zero adjustment on the sleeve.
• Positive lever locking clamp assures accurate settings.
• Standards are included with each set.
• Includes case

Range: 0-6”³
Graduation: 0.0001”³
Accuracy: 0.00024”³
Parallelism: 0.0004”³
Flatness: 0.00003”³

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